About Derreck Dean

Hi! I’m Derreck, and I am a software engineer living in the Tampa Bay area. I started out at a very young age using BASIC, Pascal, C, and a little assembler, then found VB at 15 years old. Once .Net matured I switched over to that, and haven’t looked back. Since then, I’ve found C# to be my language of choice. I love writing code in JavaScript, too.

My development style has changed a lot over the years. I’ve had very little formal training, so a lot of what I have learned was from books or Google searches. However, I have come to love test- and behavior-driven development, as it helps overcome the bugs and defects that plagued a lot of my early work.

I made this blog to share my code with others. Most of my friends and family don’t want to listen to me talk about programming, which is another reason. My friend Steve posted a picture on Facebook with a guy’s head exploding when he read my blog…  All in all, I only hope that someone finds the code on my blog to be helpful in their work.


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